Our Story

Noktamodel, as a company and as a brand, was founded in 2001 by Mr. Burak Yalcin whose passionate and creative personality was always after taking challenges and crossing limits. Thenceforth and until now we have been designing and anticipating wishes and requests of our customers bringing their dreams true. Our rich collections range consists of thousands of pieces which is constantly getting renewed by adding new models and trending ideas. Our stunning various collections will always find a way to your heart. Noktamodel provides complete services to the jewelry manufacturers, workshops and studios in different directions such as traditional injection, wax models and modern fusion designs.

Since 2013, Noktamodel uses the high-end, market-leading 3D design technologies in both software and hardware to successfully print casting-ready resin pieces of the highest quality by the right engineering minds and the passionate hands. The up-to-date 3D technologies let us create even the most complex designs and provide you the photo realistic drawings. The creative designed and best engineered models are our passion and have always been the reason for our customers' next visit.

For more than 15 years, Noktamodel injection wax models has been setting the industry quality standards. We own huge wax samples of different styles where everyone can definitely find something matching their requirements. Moreover, we are capable of and experienced to work on your special needs. Our team of the talented designers and 3D modellers can create exclusive designs which are going to be the one and only as you are.

Following Fashion

Noktamodel has always been following fashion wherever it goes. Noktamodel has been present in many many international jewelry exhibitions over different contenints getting inspired by the various cultures and the different tastes of beauty. Noktamodel has always been step by step with the fashion in many different cultures providing customers from +20 countries with exactly what they are looking for.